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About Us

Inspiring Kids to Go Beyond...

Our Story

Weare an after school activity center with a sweet twist. We are a bunch of highly committed and passionate professionals. https://xjobs.org/

We know not just “what to teach”, we also know “how to teach” and “when to teach what”. These are skills and attributes that make Happy Coach stand out in the mushrooming coaching centers. The healthy teacher to student ratio helps us in giving dedicated attention and monitoring their progress r jobitel.com egularly. We have children between 4 and 16 years who enroll with us to hone their skills in areas like phonics, reading fluency, communicative English, creative writing, art and craft, painting, global exposure etc.



Our Philosophy & Mission
  • To create a zone of confidence that inspires every child to chiefessays go beyond the classroom.
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  • We aim to create abundant learning opportunities for our students t xjobs.org/ hat propels them to think creatively and act smartly.
  • We know each student’s learning needs are different online essay writers and give them that individualized attention and guidance./li>

What We Offer

Why Kids & Their Parent Choose Us

What made us start Happy Coach?

Itfeels nice to be cared, loved and bonded. Learning is not complete just by the act of gathering information,

it needs a mentor to coach the nimble minds and hearts of the young. The young ones are little beings who are just trying to find their feet in this big world. We at Happy Coach make this process enjoyable for the kids. Education after all is a life-long continuous phenomenon, we make it sound fun and interesting for them.

We want our children to be daring darlings and flying fairies with ambitious dreams that aim to bridge the earth and the sky. We believe in the philosophy of “love what you do and do what you love”. All our courses have been developed around this fundamental belief. At “Happy Coach” you will see your children grow life skills happily with creativity and intellect.

Founded and Established by passionate teachers.

This institute was born out of great passion and a sense of nobility that both Arthee and Ramanan saw in teaching young children.

They are a husband and wife duo hailing from diverse backgrounds that are very creative in nature. Arthee is a graphic designer and a corporate communication consultant by qualification and experience while Ramanan is an architect. They http://xjobs.org/ both shifted their attention towards teaching in 2012 and started various interesting and beneficial courses for children. Today, Happy Coach has brought positive changes to many students and their families by getting them closer to their dreams. They have a children’s library “The ABC Library” for children up to 8 years of age that can even inspire adults.

Creative Writing:

This is a power-packed, fun-filled, activity oriented programme; sprinkled with nuggets of wisdom from contemporary writers that will arouse the creative genius in children.

This course enhances their creative thinking, verbal and written communication skills. Children will nurture a love for the English language and present themselves confidently and creatively in a group. This will also have a positive impact on their academic pursuits as their understanding abilities and memory retention skills increase multi-fold during this course. There is no better course in the city that offers this exposure. So what are you waiting for?

At the end of our Creative Writing Course Children will be young authors. This course is designed to provide a high level of exposure to creative writing, imagination and hone the presentation abilities in children. We offer a thought provoking and stimulating environment for young enthusiasts to develop their skills, experiment with varied approaches to writing and most importantly, come out with a book of their genre and get it e-published. At the core of the course is the experience of established writers who will coach.


Qualified Teachers

We strive to work together to build and maintain trusting and respectful relationships with both children and families.


We all love to hear stories. Be it a movie or a minute long advertisement the impact they create is based on the story they say. We have grown listening to stories from our parents and grandparents. Today, many young parents literally have fights with their children as they have to forcefully take away the electronic gadgets from them. There can be no better alternative than wooing them to listen and tell stories. Storytelling and listening to stories makes children more creative and intuitive. Their memory skills and visualization abilities touch great heights as this leads to better brain development.

At Happy Coach, we tell Epics, fables, stories that have educative content on improving Science and Math skills and so much more. Each storytelling session lasts for about an hour which includes the story followed by an engaging activity that brings out the creativity and imagination in kids.

what parents say

Testimonials About Little Birdies

Thank you for the wonderful programs that our kids get to enjoy and participate in! I loved how everything is organized, and can tell for sure that my kids are in great caring hands of professional teachers. I appreciate what you do for us!




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