Dr. Lakshmi Natarajan

Dr. Lakshmi Natarajan is a Ph.D from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. She believes that maths skills play a significant role in shaping the capabilities in young children. Her penchant for math, science, and experimentation knows no bounds. She is all creative, passionate and talented to teach young children. Her classes are not only instruction oriented, but also come alive through design thinking in class. The best way to a child’s heart is certainly through demonstrations and children love to come to her classes every other day.

Dr. Lakshmi Natarajan is a curriculum and syllabus designer for Maths. Be it summer or winter kids here spring with energy when you give them a sheet of paper, some problems to solve and a few minutes. Her classes go further than a tuition centre; she inspires children to enjoy struggling with puzzles; explore different ways of solving them. Her classes help them be strong in concepts apart from scoring well in their school exams.